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1. 难词优先



2. 短语优先

join--->take part in

use--->make good use of

3 . 具体词优先

a good teacher-->a kind, patient and knowledgeable teacher

learn--->pick up(偶然学会)/ master(掌握)

I am good at English.--->I won the second prize in the English speech competition.

4. 大纲词汇衍生词优先

He must be a doctor.--->He is undoubtedly a doctor.

He is very tall.--->He is surprisingly tall.




Tips: 标红色的最为常用,需要优先、重点记忆


1. 好的 good

优秀的 outstanding,perfect,brilliant,remarkable,distinguished,excellent

教育性的,启发性的 instructive,educational,enlightening

建设性的,有益的 constructive,helpful,valuable,useful

有意义的 meaningful

2. 极好的,惊人的 great,surprising

难以置信的,惊人的,令人震惊的 fantastic,incredible,unusual,unbelievable,exceptional,extraordinary,marvelous,notable,noteworthy,striking,amazing,shocking,astonishing

3. 坏的bad




4. 无趣味的,无聊的 uninteresting

令人厌倦的 boring,dull,annoying

5. 难于理解的 difficult to understand

抽象的,深奥的 abstract

复杂的 complicated,complex

费解的 mysterious,incomprehensible,unintelligible

混杂的,不清楚的,迷惑的 confused,bewildered,perplexed

6. 好处 good side=

好处,优点 advantage,merit,benefit

7. 坏处 bad side=

坏处,缺点 disadvantage,defect,drawback,deficiency

8. 必要的 necessary=

必要的,不可缺少的 indispensable,essential

9. 很大 very big=

巨大的 tremendous,immense,huge,gigantic,giant,enormous

10. 很多 many=

不计其数的 countless,endless,unlimited,innumerable,immeasurable,incalculable,numberless,numerous

11. 增长 grow=

提高 improve,increase,enhance,raise,

12. 越来越(多)

1)more and more+n. → students in growing numbers

2)more and more +adj→ increasingly important

13. 很难difficult= 有挑战性的challenging

14. 很重要important= 至关重要的vital,significant

15. adj.=of+n.

important → of great importance

different → of great difference

beautiful → of amazing beauty

wise → of outstanding wisdom

useful → of great use

16. 特殊的,特别的 special=

具体的,明确的 concrete,specific,particular,definite

17. 和……有关 be related to=

与……相联系 be connected with,be linked to,be relevant to,have something to do with

18. 注定 it is decided that...=

注定 be doomed to,be destined to

19. 乐趣 fun=

娱乐,乐趣 entertainment,amusement


20. 朋友 friend

熟人 acquaintance

伙伴 associate,companion

密友,知己 intimate,confidant

21. 勤奋的hardworking=

勤奋的,勤勉的 diligent,studious,industrious

22. 坚决的 decided adj=

坚持不懈的 perseverant,persistent,relentless

不屈服的 unyielding

坚持的 insistent

有决心的 determined,resolute,resolved

坚决的 firm

23. 聪明的 clever=

聪明的,有才智的 intelligent,bright,wise,brilliant

24. 诚实的 honest

真诚的,诚实的,正直的 sincere,truthful,genuine,upright

25. 美丽的 beautiful,pretty

迷人的,吸引人的 enchanting,charming,appealing,fascinating,attractive

26. 累的 tired=

精疲力尽的 exhausted,worn-out

27. 开心的Happy →

joyful / delighted

28. 不开心的 sad=

沮丧的,失意的 frustrated,discouraged,depressed,downhearted,disheartened,low-spirited

29. 担心的 be/feel worried=

忧虑的,不安的 anxious,uneasy,troubled,concerned,restless

30. 失业的 out of work=

失业的 unemployed,jobless

31. 进步 progress=

进步,成就,成绩 advancement,achievement,accomplishment,fulfilment

32. 遇到(事) meet=

碰到,遇到 come across,meet with,confront

33. we =

We high school students

We teenagers

We Chinese

We Chinese young generation


34. 使用 use =

make good use of

35. 学习 learn =

pick up (偶然或轻松学到)


36. 适应 be used to=

适应 be adapted to,be accustomed to,be adjusted to

37. 参加 join, enter=

参与 participate in,attend,take part in,go in for

38. 注意 pay one’s attention to=

集中精力于 focus on,center on,concentrate on 专心于 set one’s mind on

39. 考虑 think about sth/consider sth=

take into account +sth

take into consideration +sth

【例】take into consideration other people's opinion.

40. 做 do =

开展,实施,做 practice,carry out,perform

利用好时间精力去做make good use of your time and effort to do

完全有理由去做have every reason to do

忍不住做can't help doing

41. 能够做 can do sth =

will do sth

be able to do sth

be capable of doing sth

42. 完成 finish=

实现,完成 achieve,accomplish,fulfill,complete

43. 花时间做 spend time doing sth=

抽出时间做set aside time to do sth,put aside time to do sth,spare time to do sth

44. 尽力做 try to,work hard=

努力做,尽力做 attempt to,make efforts to,endeavor to,manage to do

45. 决定做 decide to do=

决心做 be determined to do,make up one’s mind to do

46. 想要做 want to =


tend/intend to do sth

be longing for doing sth.

be thirsty for doing sth

look forward to doing sth

can't wait to do sth

desire to do

have the desire to do/for sth

47. 喜欢做like =love enjoy prefer...

be fond of + 物

be crazy about

I appreciate your sense of humour.

48. 应该做 should do=

Had better do

Be supposed to do

Why not do

If I were you, I would do

It is beneficial/helpful/meaningful for you to do

Doing sth is another possible choice for you.

Close attention should be paid to that…

49. 有机会做 have a chance to/of=

有机会的 stand a chance of,have an opportunity to

50. 重视value =

珍爱,珍惜,重视 cherish,treasure,have a high opinion of

51. 把……看作,当作 see…as=

把……看作,当作 regard as,consider as,look on…as,treat…as,view…as

52. 解释 explain=

解释 account for,illustrate,clarify

53. 想 think=

想出,想到 sb come up with,sth/it cross one’s mind,sth/it occur to somebody

54. 认为 think = guess

harbor the idea that...

take the attitude that...

hold the view that...

55. 相信 believe =

sb insist on sth 坚持(某种观点)

sb insist that... 坚持做某事

be sure that

56. 需要 need =

需要 call for,require,demand

57. 知道 know =

熟悉,知道 be acquainted with,be familiar with,be informed of

58. 我们都知道 we all know =

It is widely shared that...

It is universally acknowledged that...

59. 意识到 realize=

意识到 become/be aware of,become/be conscious of


60. not = by no means ,at no time

61. 因为because= ...,for... ...,considering that...

62. 所以so= , as a result,... ....therefore,... ...consequently,...

63. 尽管although= ...admitting that,...

64. 因为 because of=

因为 due to,owing to,thanks to

65. 反复again and again=

重复地 repeatedly,over and over,time and time again

66. 最后 finally,at last=

迟早,最终 eventually,sooner or later,ultimately

67. 在我看来 In my opinion=

在我看来,就我而言 in my view,in my belief,as far as I can see,in my mind,as far as I am concerned

68. 事实上 in fact=

事实上 in reality,in effect,as a matter of fact,practically,virtually,actually

69. 如果 if= 只要as long as...


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